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Frequently Asked Question's

Are you a licensed bakery?

       We are a fully licensed and AHS approved cake shop.

What are your hours?

We do not have set hours here at Wolfbay, we work based on our customers needs. 


Do you deliver?

Yes, we deliver!  Charges vary depending so make sure to inquire when you order.

What time can I pick up my cake?

We do not have set hours here at Wolfbay, all pick up times are arranged directly with the customer.

Can I stop by and pick up a cake without ordering?

No, we are a custom cake shop and do not carry ready-made cakes.

Can I order a cake to be picked up later today?

No, for all Cheesecakes we require at least 48 hours notice.  For Custom Cakes we require at least one week notice.

Do you offer Gluten Free options?

Yes!  Our cakes and most of our Cheesecakes can be made Gluten Friendly.  Please give us a call to discuss what all we can do for your GF needs.

Do you offer Vegan options?

Unfortunately we do not have any Vegan options at this time.

Why doesn't your website display properly on my iPad?

Unfortunately the WIX website that we selected does not support all versions for the iPad.  Make sure you are using the most up-to-date version of your tablet browser and clear the browser history/cache for a better chance of having our website display properly.  We will continue to optimize our Wolfbay website for the best possible experience by our customers on PC, mobile and iPad.  

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