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 Speciality Cake


  Dulce de Leche 


  Red Velvet Banquet


  Jamaican Rum  

  Chocolate $47.00

  Vanilla        $47.00

  Lemon Raspberry


  Deep Dish Pecan Pie


  Carrot Cake


  Boozy Black Forest


  Chocolate Banquet



   Do you need a cake in a hurry? 

    Express Cakes are ready within 2 hours!

All express cakes have a semi-naked design are 6" round and 6 layers tall.  Finished with Lindt chocolate truffles, macarons, chocolate shards and assorted decorations.

*Serves 10 - 14 people


 Base Price: $70.00 

 Includes the following:

  Choice of Cake:

   Chocolate Fudge

   Vanilla Bean

  Choice of Drip:

   Chocolate Ganache

   White Chocolate

   Dulce Caramel

  Choice of Filling:

   Chocolate Ganache

   Dulce De Leche

   Cookies 'n Cream

   Fresh Raspberries

   Vanilla Buttercream


 Optional Add-on's 

 Cake Topper:  $5.00

   Happy Birthday


   Small Custom Plaque


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